Sarah Penna is the co-founder and head of talent management at Big Frame, a talent agency that represents YouTube celebrities and viral video stars.

We had the chance to meet with her while in Sydney. 

For our Expert Interview Series, Sarah spoke with Vimily about her experience starting her own company - Big Frame, customer engagement tips and the female entrepreneur scene. 

Watch the complete interview HERE: https://www.vimily.com/share/b9BzZdhx08B.

The Power of Aggregate Exposure 

Video is changing! It’s now: shorter, personal and social. 

Rather than creating a single expensive video, have you explored the power of mass personal videos?

Do you want 500 000 views on your videos? Watch the video for some tips!  

What one piece of advice would you give it comes to engaging customers? 

Interview with Shannon Murray - BlackCitrus. 

Discussion about his brand BlackCitrus, and how does he engages with customers. 

All the videos: https://www.vimily.com/share/Baamhmksu0A

Engagement & Video 101 

Build trust and relationship to engage with your audience!

How? Use videos! It’s the number one method to engage with users.

Quick Tips:

  • keep it short
  • keep it personally relevant
  • use it in context 
  • host on your own site

Want to learn more? Watch the video!

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